Unisex Gifts for under $30

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1. Good Book
A book of clever quotes, a classic and something for the coffee table.

Wit & Wisdom of Women : $9.99 Hallmark
The Outsiders: $10 amazon.com
Banksy Wall and Piece: $22 urbanoutfitters.com

2. Soma Chocolate
The best handcrafted chocolate you’ll find in Toronto, and one of the only artisan chocolate makers in North America

Chocolates range from $2 to $90

3. CD
An amazing CD, a relaxing CD and a timeless CD.

Adele – 21: $12.99 HMV
Coldplay – Mylo XYLOTO: $14.99 HMV
Michael Jackson – Thriller: $15.99 HMV

4. Eco-Friendly Coffee Mug
Let’s be eco friendly this holiday season. We throw away approximately 3 billion starbucks paper cups a year. Try this reusable coffee cup that will last you all year instead of just one day.

Floral Eco Coffee Cup: $20 amazon.com
Basic Eco Coffee Cup: $9 fredflare.com

5. Movie Tickets
Ryerson’s Student Center has an amazing deal for Ryerson Students, 2 adult tickets, 1 large popcorn and 1 large drink a fraction of the $38.50 you would have spent!

Cineplex Night Out – $28.00

6. Magazine Subscription
A magazine subscription is the gift that keeps giving. There are so many different magazines out there to cater to different personalities.

GQ: 1 year subscription $20 (including December)
Vogue: 1 year subscription $15 + free calendar

7. PJ’s
Everyone loves a good pair of PJ’s. The Bay has some of the nicest (and inexpensive) flannel pajama pants for men. And Pink/Victoria Secret has some super comfy and cute sleepshirts.

Raglan Sleepshirt – Pink: $24
Hudson’s North Flannel Pants – The Bay: $24

8. Tim Hortons
Everyone likes bagels, doughnuts, coffee and ice caps. And there’s one within walking distance everywhere.

9. Cool USB
Who knew getting a USB for Christmas could be so cool? Fredflare.com has some awesome techy stuff as well as clothing, accessories and home décor.

Batman USB Flash Drive – Fredflare.com: $27

10. Leather Gloves
Leather gloves not only keep your hands warm but give a look of sophistication as well.

Both $29 from Danier Leather


And as a final note; People do judge books by their covers, so take some time and wrap your gift in a fun or creative way. It makes all the difference. Martha Stewart has some great ideas on how to wrap your Christmas gifts: http://www.marthastewart.com/274678/gift-wrapping-ideas/@center/307034/christmas-workshop


- Serena

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  1. Jacqueline CharrierDecember 9, 2011, 9:19 PM

    I love The Outsiders!! :)

  2. Tinker BellDecember 10, 2011, 3:48 AM

    Best holiday gift ideas yet! Affordable ideas for university students! Thanks!